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Painless Mixing & Mastering

Painless Mixing & Mastering is a remote mixing and mastering service using industry leading analog and digital equipment, focused on client satisfaction, quality, ease of use, and speedy turnaround.

Based in San Diego, CA. Serving worldwide.

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30 second song samples Mixed and Mastered by Painless


Meet the Engineer

Brian Rumsey is a San Diego based Producer, Engineer, Composer, and Musician

Serving Southern California, from San Diego to Los Angeles, and worldwide online.

- Bachelor's Degree in Music Production

- Pro Tools Certified Operator

- 17 years of experience

- Seasoned session drummer, guitarist and bassist.

- Wide range of styles:

     Pop, Rock, EDM, Metal, Orchestral, Hip-Hop, Commercial, many more...


The Process


Brian uses a hybrid analog / digital approach to mixing and mastering. This allows for adjustments to be made to the mix, and sent back-and-forth quickly, to dial in exactly what the client is looking for. Once the final mix is ready, all the tracks are summed (or mixed) together in the analog domain, through the Rupert Neve Designs Satellite Summing Mixer.

The summed mix then moves to the "glue" phase, where the mixed stereo track is compressed in the analog domain, through the Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor. This gives the mix added punch, depth, warmth, clarity, size and a polished sheen and "finalized" professional feel.

The finished mix then re-enters the digital domain, through the Antelope Audio Orion, and back into Pro Tools to be sent to the client, or moved to the mastering process.


The final stereo mix will be treated similarly to a mix. The EQ adjustments will be made to the digital file, and the compression and final limiter will be done in the analog domain, once again using the Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor.


All drum (or loud instrument) tracking will be done through Rarefied Recording Studio in San Diego, CA (please email for scheduling) through a Neve Genesys console, top of the line microphones (dynamic, condenser, and lots of ribbons!!) and outboard gear. Recordings can be done as a full band, instrument by instrument, or a combination of the two.

Brian also offers tracking (guitar/bass/keyboards/vocals/softer instruments), custom composition in any musical style, vocal-tuning, drum editing and triggering, and re-amping through his home production suite. Email for details.






"Brian Rumsey is a sound genius.  He will not just make you an amazing album, single or master, but he will do it according to your vision."

- Blaise Guld of Killchord, BG Music and Mad Traffic


MURSIC "Spawned from a Nightmare"

"A nonstop symphonic alt-metal ride from start to finish that displays a remarkable amount of instrumental craftsmanship. "Spawned from a Nightmare" is a concept album that takes a listener on a strange and dark journey through the collective imaginations of the band members of Mursic itself."

- Dave Good of the San Diego Reader



"Some people choose a career in the recording industry because they are misguided. Brian's career has chosen him; it is his calling."

- Francis Roberts of Old Man Wizard




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